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5 Great Songs for Learning Spanish!

Updated: Aug 16, 2020

Learning languages through song lyrics is a great way to sharpen your ear, and get some vocabulary and grammar under your belt. Best of all, it’s fun. Below I have listed 5 songs I recommend for Spanish learners of all levels. 

1. Natalia Lafourcade - Hasta la Raíz

Hasta La Raiz is from Natalia's Grammy-winning album. About the album she explains that, "I wanted to sing about something that would remind me of Mexico and home... It is important not to forget your roots.” 

Natalia speaks very clearly about the selvas, espinas, nube, raíz. Her colorful diction and metaphors are a wonderful and educational opportunity for any Spanish learner. Natalia speaks of the inspiration and Mexican influence in the song in a podcast linked below.

2. Andrés Calamaro – Flaca

Andrés Calamaro is an Argentine musician, composer and Latin Grammy winner. One of his biggest hit, Flaca is a great song, and easier to understand for Spanish language learners as well.

3. Elia y Elizabeth - Soy Una Nube

Elia and Elizabeth Fleta were two Colombian sisters who lit up their country’s music charts in the early 70s. Their song Soy Una Nube, is a great song for studying the past imperfect.

No era tiempo 

Pues el viento 

Me guiaba 

Yo volaba 

Yo reía 

Yo soñaba 

Yo reía con tristeza y alegría 

4. Los Cafres - Si el Amor se Cae


"Si el Amor se Cae”  by  Los Cafres is another great song to listen to when learning Spanish. Los Cafres are a well known Spanish language reggae band from Argentina. Some of the lyrics are “si el amor se cae, todo alrededor se cae”. Hard not to agree, right? I included a cover done by Koino Yokan.

5. María Elena Walsh- Canción de Bañar la Luna

This Japanese children’s song translated by María Elena Walsh (Argentine poet, writer and musician) is great for learning Spanish. The vivid storytelling is fun to analyze and dissect.


There are thousands of Spanish language songs out there for you to discover, these are just a few. Find ones that inspire you, and then pick them apart and increase you vocabulary and grammar skills. You’ll want to listen to them on repeat, learn the words, and sing along. Once you find some songs that sparks your interest, learning language through music will become a regular part of your study routine. A part which barely feels like studying at all.

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