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Gracias, De Nada, Por Favor, Perdón, Dale!

Updated: Jul 31, 2020

These words or phrases exist in all languages ​​because universally humans like to show gratitude (thank you), then appreciation for that show of gratitude (you are welcome), we need to be kind when we ask for things (please), we regret some of our actions (sorry), and we often agree! (okay).

Here I give you different options to use these expressions in Spanish:

Thank you


muchas gracias,

mil gracias,

te agradezco (literal, I thank you),

te agradezco mucho,

gracias de todo corazón (thanks with all my heart),

gracias, muy amable (thank you, you are very kind),

gracias, no hacía falta (thanks, it wasn't necessary),

–gracias –no, gracias a ti (when both parties want to show their gratitude for one another).

You are welcome

de nada,

por nada,

no es nada,

fue un placer (it was a pleasure),

con gusto (with pleasure),

con mucho gusto,

no hay de qué (something like there is nothing to thank),

no hay por qué,

no, por favor (similar to please, don’t mention it),

no pasa nada (literal, nothing happens; also similar in meaning to don't mention it),

no hay problema,

no hay drama (similar to no problem),

no me cuesta nada (it's not hard for me, at all),

para eso estamos (literal, that's what we are for),

para eso están los amigos (that's what friends are for).





te pido perdón (I apologize),

lo siento (literal, I feel it),

lo siento mucho,

mil disculpas,

te pido mil disculpas,

lo lamento (I regret it),

lo lamento mucho.


por favor,

me harías el favor? (would you do me the favor?),

te lo agradecería (I'd appreciate it),

sería posible? (would it be possible?),

porfa, porfi, porfis (colloquial contractions).


está bien,


okay (yes, native Spanish speakers also say okay),

de acuerdo (literal, I agree),




todo bien,

de una, (short for de una vez; literal, at once).

* These expressions vary by country, está bien, bueno and okay being the most universal.

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