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Since I was a child I have been interested in the world of words, fascinated by how we are able to verbalize our emotions, ideas, opinions, advice. This fascination manifested itself as a passion for my native tongue of Spanish and linguistics in general. When I finished high school in my small town in the province of Corrientes, Argentina I moved to Buenos Aires to study journalism.

After working in this field for several years, my love for travel became so strong that it would take up the second part of my life. Over the next 10 years I traveled to over forty countries, teaching Spanish to supplement my travels, and through this realized that I loved teaching my native language. I decided to return to Argentina and study for an additional degree in second language acquisition and education (another four year degree!), and since 2007 I have worked exclusively teaching Spanish to foreigners from all over the world.

During my travels I needed to communicate with people who did not speak my native tongue and so I embarked on the much travelled, and not often completed, journey of learning a second language, in my case English. In moments of frustration I found myself thinking "this is not for me, I am not good at learning a different language". However, these negative thoughts ended up being inaccurate for me, and they are for you too. Such moments are frequent when trying to learn a different language, especially at the beginning of the process, but it is important to remember that we can all do it, and we can have fun in the process too!

I have invested a significant amount of time thinking of the fastest, most effective, and lasting ways to help people learn Spanish. Over the years I have developed teaching techniques & material to support my students on their language learning journey. I understand the process because I lived it too! I know that you can achieve your language learning goals and it will be a pleasure for me to help, guide and support you on this exciting new adventure.

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Initially I decided to give Daniel a try because he was reasonably priced and a native speaker. I wanted to have enough face time to improve my conversational skills without it breaking the bank… What I came to realize was that this pleasant,
unassuming young man is an excellent teacher with an astute knowledge of
grammar and a very understandable way of explaining it. I believe that because he
learned English not too long ago he has awareness and is sympathetic towards the difficulties of trying to master a new language, especially regarding the differences in sentence structure between English and Spanish. Daniel uses a balanced approach to teaching Spanish. We spent time working on grammar, speaking Spanish, understanding when spoken to and being able to read Spanish and understand it. I feel that in a short time I have progressed more with Daniel than any other instructor that I have studied under to date. I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone wanting to improve their ability to understand and speak the Spanish language regardless of their abilities.

Mark Warren


Buenos Aires, Argentina

WhatsApp: +54 93 777 592 427

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